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Quantitative Relationship Between Paddy Soil Properties and Cadmium Content in Tobacco leaves


Tobacco readily accumulates cadmium (Cd), an unnecessary and poisonous element. A total of 107 soil and tobacco leaf samples were collected from South China, to clarify the quantitative relationship between soil properties and Cd content in tobacco leaves. The results showed that 86.9% of the total sampling points had soil cadmium in excess of standard value, and the ratio of active Cd content to total soil Cd content was 24.0%. The enrichment factor of tobacco Cd was 3.43. There was a significant positive correlation between Cd concentration in tobacco leaves and soil Cd content. Soil pH, organic matter and cation exchange amount were negatively correlated with the Cd enrichment factor of tobacco. This present study has provided a regression model of tobacco Cd content based on soil factors, which could accurately predict Cd content in different parts of tobacco.

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This research was financially supported by the Key Science and Technology Project of Hunan Tobacco Company [16-19Aa04].

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