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Removal of Chromium from Soils Cultivated with Maize (Zea Mays) After the Addition of Natural Minerals as Soil Amendments


The efficiency of natural minerals, i.e. zeolite, bentonite and goethite, regarding the retention of chromium, from maize was examined. Specifically, 1.0 kg of soil, 1.0 g of soil amendment and either 50 mg L−1 Cr(III) or 1 mg L−1 Cr(VI) were added in plant pots. Then, seeds of maize were cultivated. Each treatment was repeated three times. The statistical results of the experiments were analyzed by LSD test. Cr(III) addition in soil has shown that zeolite was the only amendment that increased the dry weight. Zeolite and bentonite reduced significantly the total chromium in plants after the addition of 50 mg L−1 Cr(III). The addition of Cr(VI) in soil has shown that bentonite was the only amendment that increased the dry weight of biomass and the plants’ height. All soil amendments reduced to zero the total chromium concentration measured to plants after the addition of 1 mg L−1 Cr(VI).

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