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Characteristics of Adsorption Interactions of Cadmium(II) onto Humin from Peat Soil in Freshwater and Seawater Media


The present study examined Cd solubility in pH 2–12 fresh and seawater media with and without humin to determine Cd species composition. The study, based on the Langmuir–Hinshelwood kinetics model, was conducted to determine the kinetic parameters of Cd(II) adsorption onto humin. We employed the Langmuir and Freundlich models to derive thermodynamic parameters. Aquo (Cd(H2O) 2+6 ) and chloro- (CdCl+ and CdCl2) complexes were responsible for Cd(II) adsorption onto humin. Results showed Cd as Cd(II) and Cd(H2O) +26 was water soluble at 2 < pH < 7; with a portion of the soluble Cd precipitating as Cd(OH)2. The Cd(II) rate constant (k) in freshwater was 0.5 × 10−3 (min−1), occurring in a single phase, while in seawater fast and slow phase values for k were 31.88 × 10−3 and 6.2 × 10−3 (min−1), respectively. The adsorption curves showed a better fit with the Langmuir than the Freundlich model.

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The research was financially supported by a grant-in-aid for Scientific Research (No. 25550011 and 25110505) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture of Japan.

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