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Determination and Method Validation of Metamitron in Soil by RP-HPLC


A simple, rapid and economical method was developed and validated for the determination of metamitron using UV detector with RP-HPLC. Study of metamitron in soil was carried out. The compound was extracted from soil by methanol and clean-up was done on C-18 SPE column. Recovery ranged from 90.75 % to 94.05 % within 0.1–2.0 μg g−1 and RSD 1.80 %. Retention time was 3.8 min and limit of detection and limit of quantification were 0.001 and 0.008 μg g−1. The results indicated that the reported method could meet the requirement for the analysis of metamitron in trace amounts.

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The authors thankful to M/s Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Limited, India for providing analytical grade and formulation of metamitron and G.B.P.U.A & T, Pantnagar (India) for providing facilities related to research.

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