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Occurrence of Higher Chlorinated Benzenes in Livers of Grass Carp and Common Carp Collected from Markets of Xinxiang, China


Five higher chlorinated benzenes (including hexachlorobenzene (HCB), pentachlorobenzene (PeCB) and three isomers of tetrachlorobenzens) were measured in the livers of grass carp and common carp collected from five markets in Xinxiang city, China. HCB and PeCB were detected in all samples. The major component of the higher CBs residue was HCB and significant correlations existed between HCB and PeCB in both grass carp and common carp livers. The ratio range of HCB/PeCB in grass carp and common carp were 3.4–6.2 and 4.9–7.7, respectively, which implied the sources of higher CBs originate mainly from the revolatilization of industrial HCB with a minor impact from PeCB.

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This study was financially supported by the Henan Provincial Department of Education Science and Technology Research Key Projects (12B330003), Henan Provincial Department of Education Backbone of Young College Teachers Program (2012GGJS-133) and Doctor Scientific Research Start-up Foundation of Xinxiang Medical University (09BSKYQD-006).

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  • Chlorinated benzenes
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