Analysis of Chlorpyrifos Agricultural Use in Regions of Frequent Surface Water Detections in California, USA

  • Xuyang ZhangEmail author
  • Keith Starner
  • Frank Spurlock


Chlorpyrifos is a common surface water contaminant in California, USA. We evaluated five years of chlorpyrifos use and surface water monitoring data in California’s principal agricultural regions. Imperial County and three central coastal regions accounted for only 10 % of chlorpyrifos statewide use, but displayed consistently high aquatic benchmark exceedances (13.2 %–57.1 %). In contrast, 90 % of use occurred in Central Valley regions where only 0.6 %–6.5 % of samples exceeded aquatic benchmarks. Differences among regions are attributable to crop type, use intensity, irrigation practices and monthly application patterns. Application method did not appear to be a factor.


Chlorpyrifos Pesticide use Runoff Monitoring 



The authors would like to thank Kean Goh, Sheryl Gill, David Duncan, John Sanders and Charles Andrews for their support and guidance on the work.

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