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Cadmium and Lead Levels Along the Estuarine Ecosystem of Tigre River-San Andres Lagoon, Tamaulipas, Mexico


Cadmium and lead levels were evaluated in water and sediment along the estuarine ecosystem of Tigre River-San Andres Lagoon (Gulf of Mexico) during September to December 2009. Significant highest metal concentration in water (0.45 mg L−1 Cd and 3.94 mg L−1 Pb) and sediment (2.83 mg kg−1 Cd and 6.61 mg kg−1 Pb) were found at the mouth of the Tigre River, where the fishing town of El Moron is located. Cadmium levels in sediment were above limits associated with adverse biological effects on aquatic fauna, so negative impacts on natural populations of aquatic organisms would be expected to occur. This in turn could affect the fishery resources inhabiting this ecosystem.

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This work is part of the doctoral thesis of M.L.V.-S. at Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas. Financial support from FOMIX (CONACYT-Gobierno del Estado de Tamaulipas: Project TAMPS-2008-C17-107382) and CONACYT (grant to M.L.V.-S.) is acknowledged.

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