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Residues of HCHs and DDTs in Soils and Sediments of Preconstructing Urban Wetland


Residues of hexachlorohexanes isomers (HCHs) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and metabolites (DDTs) in the soils and sediments of Dayanghan Wetland in Wuhu, China were investigated. The concentrations of ΣHCH in soils and sediments averaged 1.35 and 3.77 μg/kg with the predominance of β-HCH and δ-HCH, respectively. The concentrations of ΣDDT in soils and sediments averaged of 7.80 and 2.80 μg/kg, respectively, with the dominance of o, p′-DDT. The concentrations of HCHs in the soils and sediments and DDTs in the sediments were categorized as no pollution, but the level of DDTs in the soils was classified as low pollution.

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Financial supports from Natural Science Foundation of China (41103067) and Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Educational Committee (KJ2010A141) are gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are given to Zhigang Yi and Changwei Feng for their helps in this research.

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  • HCHs
  • DDTs
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