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Lead Bioaccumulation and Toxicity in Tissues of Economically Fish Species from River and Marine Water


Bioaccumulation of lead was determined in muscle and liver of Barbus xanthopterus, Liza abu, Barbus grypus, Acanthopagrus latus, Platycephalus indicus, Otolithes ruber exposed to lead contaminated river and marine in Khouzestan. Significant variations in metal values were evaluated using student’s t test at p < 0.05. In river fish, liver was polluted in comparison with muscle and high level was in B. xanthopterus (2.80 mg kg−1 wet weight) except for B. grypus in Karkhe River (1.73 mg kg−1wet weight). In marine fish, muscle was contaminated than liver and high level was in O. ruber (47.18 mg kg−1wet weight) except for O. ruber in Mahshahr seaport (17.85 mg kg−1 wet weight).

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