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Residues and Dissipation Dynamics of Fosthiazate in Tomato and Soil


Residue dynamics of fosthiazate in tomato and soil was studied in this paper utilizing liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS). The field trial was conducted in three sites: Beijing, Liaoning, Hubei in China. Fosthiazate dissipated with the half-life 0.75–2.6 days in tomato or tomato plants and 2.5–11.6 days in soil. In the terminal residue experiment, no higher residue than 0.023 mg kg−1 in tomato and 0.27 mg kg−1 in soil was detected. Residues of fosthiazte in tomato were far below Japan maximum residue levels (0.2 mg kg−1).

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This study was sponsored by Yifan Chemical Technology Limited (Zhejiang Province, China) and the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China.

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