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Distribution and Accumulation of Metals in Soils and Plant from a Lead–Zinc Mineland in Guangxi, South China


Six kinds of metals were measured in soils and plant from the Siding Pb–Zn mineland, South China, to investigate the pollution and restoration technique. The mean Pb, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu and Cr contents in soils were 5,215 ± 642, 13,352 ± 1,242, 24,755 ± 2,475, 438 ± 52, 67 ± 38 and 68 ± 31 mg kg−1, respectively. The results revealed the mean contents of Pb and Zn exceeded the third level of China standard of soil (GB15618-1995) for 10.4 and 26.7 times, respectively. The soil of Siding Pb–Zn mineland has heavily been subjected to Pb and Zn pollution. 22 plant species from 13 families were found colonizing. There were great variations of metal contents in plant species with Pb 1.58–1496 mg kg−1, Zn 7.56–204,256 mg kg−1, Cu not detected (ND)–286 mg kg−1, Fe 83–25,972 mg kg−1, Mn 1.02–160 mg kg−1 and Cr ND–152 mg kg−1. Of the six metals, Fe content was the highest, followed by Pb and Zn, which were similar to the situation of the soil. The local pioneer species, Pteris vittata, was observed a higher accumulation and translocation capability for Pb, which could be chosen as pioneer of phytoremediations to restore Pb/Zn mineland.

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The authors thank anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments to improve this paper. Financial supports from Guangxi natural science foundation (2010GXNSFE013006), Guangxi science and technology development projects (1123001-9A) and NSFC (41073104) are acknowledged.

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  • Metal pollution
  • Phytoaccumulation
  • Agricultural restoration