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Metal Concentrations of River Water and Sediments in West Java, Indonesia


To determine the water environment and pollutants in West Java, the contents of metals and general water quality of the Ciliwung River in the Jakarta area were measured. High Escherichia coli number (116–149/mL) was detected downstream in the Ciliwung River. In addition to evaluate mercury pollution caused by gold mining, mercury contents of water and sediment samples from the Cikaniki River, and from paddy samples were determined. The water was not badly polluted. However, toxic metals such as mercury were detected at levels close to the baseline environmental standard of Indonesia (0.83–1.07 μg/g of sediments in the Cikaniki River). From analyses of the paddy samples (0.08 μg/g), it is considered that there is a health risk caused by mercury.

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This research was supported by Grants-in-Aid from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (No. 18404004 and No. 23406021 for Kurasaki), and by the JST-JICA Project: Wild Fire and Carbon Management in Peat-Forest in Indonesia.

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  • Mercury contamination
  • Paddy
  • Water quality
  • West Java