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Dissipation and Residues of Emamectin Benzoate Study in Paddy Under Field Conditions


The objective of this experiment was not only to provide a simple residue analytical method to evaluate the safe application rate of Emamectin Benzoate for paddy crops but also to give a suitable recommended dosage in paddy crops. Paddy samples were detected using HPLC–MS/MS. The half-lives of emamectin benzoate in paddy plants, water and soil were 2.04–8.66 days, 2.89–4.95 days and 3.65–5.78 days with a dissipation rate of 90% over 7 days after application, respectively. Low residues and short half-life suggested that Emamectin Benzoate could be safely used in paddy crops with the suitable dosage and application.

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