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Organochlorine Pesticides in Muscle of Wild Seabass and Chinese Prawn from the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, China


Muscle samples from wild seabass and Chinese prawn collected from the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, China were analyzed for 22 organochlorine pesticides. DDTs were the predominant contaminants in all samples. The concentration of DDTs in seabass was 247 μg kg−1 wet wt (from 4.30 to 2,089 μg kg−1 wet wt). Significantly, concentration of DDTs in seabass was much higher than that in prawn (6.51 μg kg−1 wet wt). Very high concentrations of DDTs and high DDT/DDTs ratio were found in seabass samples from some locations, which imply there might be new inputs of DDT into the marine environment.

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This work was supported financially by the United Nations University. We thank Dr. Iino and Shimadzu Corporation for their technical assistance.

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  • Organochlorines pesticides
  • Wild seabass
  • Bohai Sea
  • Yellow Sea