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Concentrations, Sources and Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Soils of Liaohe Estuarine Wetland


Concentration, source, and risk of PAHs were investigated in 31 sites from surface soils of Liaohe estuarine wetland. Total PAHs concentrations ranged from 293.4 to 1735.9 ng/g with a mean of 675.4 ng/g. The 3- and 4-ring PAHs were the dominant species. The ratios of high-molecular weight PAHs to low-molecular weight PAHs and anthracene/(anthracene+phenanthrene) were calculated to apportion sources of PAHs. It was found that both pyrogenic and petrogenic PAHs sources were important. Effect range low and effect range median showed that the PAHs would occasionally cause adverse effects. The nemerow composite index revealed that about 41.9% soil sampling sites were safety; about 58.1% sites had different grades of PAHs pollution.

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This work was supported by the foundation of water pollution control and management of major special science and technology (2008ZX07208-009).

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  • PAHs
  • Isomer ratio
  • Effect range low and effect range median
  • The nemerow composite index