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Assessment of Combined Treatment of Landfill Urban Solid Waste Leachate and Sewage Using Danio rerio and Daphnia similis


The co-treatment from Morro do Céu landfill leachate with domestic sewage in the Icaraí STP was monitored with regard to the behavior of toxicity of its inflows and outflow. Leachate not exceeded 1.5% in volume in the plant. The acute ecotoxicological tests showed that, although leachate is far more harmful to D. rerio (LC50 ≈ 4) and D. similis (LC50 ≈ 5) than sewage (LC50 ≈ 62; LC50 ≈ 22), statistically the mixture of leachate with sewage did not result in a more toxic inflow (LC50 ≈ 57; LC50 ≈ 12) for treatment than raw sewage. After treatment, the outflow toxicity (LC50 ≈ 76; LC50 ≈ 16) complied with the environmental laws.

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The authors thank FINEP, Caixa Econômica Federal and CNPq for the financial support, and the CLIN and Águas de Niterói for the data provided and operating support. This study was developed within the scope of a research project that is part of the Basic Sanitation Research Program (PROSAB).

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  • Leachate treatment
  • Co-treatment
  • Aquatic toxicity
  • Morro do Céu’s landfill