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Environmental Behavior of Profenofos Under Paddy Field Conditions


The environmental behavior of 40% profenofos EC under paddy field conditions was studied. After application of 40% profenofos EC at 900 g a.i./ha level, the initial deposits of profenofos on rice plant, soil and water were found to be 32.700, 0.224 and 3.854 mg/kg respectively. Half-lives (t1/2) of profenofos on those substrates were observed to be 5.47, 3.75 and 3.42 days respectively. The residue levels of profenofos on rice straw, soil and rice grain were significantly affected by the dosage and frequency applied. The obtained results might help to recommend the suitable dose and calculate the safety period of profenofos application.

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The authors wish to thank Dr Wang D. L. for her support in field trials and Dr Shen Y. for her help in LC–MS/MS analysis.

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  • Profenofos
  • Dissipation
  • Residues
  • Rice
  • Soil
  • Water