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Analysis of Pyrethroid Insecticides in Chironomus dilutus Using Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion Extraction


A matrix solid phase dispersion method was developed to detect eight pyrethroid insecticides in the aquatic invertebrate, Chironomus dilutus. A mixture of silica gel, diatomaceous earth and primary/secondary amino solid absorbents were selected as the dispersion matrix, while 7% ethyl ether in hexane was used as the elution solvent. Method detection limits for the target pyrethroids ranged from 0.46 to 4.4 μg kg−1, and recoveries were 63.5%–124.0%, 43.7%–116.0% and 53.1%–93.1% at spiked levels of 5, 20 and 50 μg kg−1, respectively. The developed method was used to assess pyrethroid residues in laboratory-exposed and field-collected C. dilutus.

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Jing You was supported by the ‘Hundred Talents’ Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (kzcx2-yw-BR-05), and this support was greatly appreciated.

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  • Matrix solid phase dispersion
  • Pyrethroids insecticides
  • Chironomus dilutus
  • Gas chromatography