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Dissipation Kinetics of Flubendiamide on Chili and Soil


Average initial deposits of flubendiamide on chili were found to be 1.06 and 2.00 mg kg−1, respectively, following two applications of flubendiamide 480SC at 60 and 120 g a.i. ha−1 at 10 days interval. More than 80% of flubendiamide residues dissipated just after 3 days of the last application at both the dosages. Residues of flubendiamide dissipated below detectable level of 0.01 mg kg−1 in 7 and 10 days at single and double dosages, respectively. Half-life (t 1/2) of flubendiamide on chili was observed to be 0.96 and 0.91 days, respectively, at single and double dosages. Desiodo flubendiamide was not detected at 0.01 mg kg−1 level in chili samples collected at different time intervals. Red chili and soil samples collected after 20 days did not reveal the presence of flubendiamide or its metabolite desiodo flubendiamide.

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The authors are thankful to Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India for sponsoring the project.

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  • Desiodo flubendiamide
  • Dissipation
  • Flubendiamide
  • Residues
  • Half-life