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Analysis of Observed Ozone Episode in Urban Jinan, China


Using a trajectory model (HYSPLIT) analyzed the ozone episodes observed at urban Jinan in 2005. There were 84 h (in 24 days) of ozone episodes (>100 ppbv) observed during the study. June was the most polluted month in the year. The earliest episode observed in May 4 was mainly caused by the favorable meteorological condition for ozone production and accumulation. A multi-day episode from 6 to 8 June was related to the passage of typhoon Nesat. 39 h (in 11 days) of ozone episodes were observed from June 10 to 24. Large scale stagnation, recirculation of air mass, intense solar radiation, high temperature and long-rang transport of pollutants were the main reason for the ozone episodes during this period.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) and China Meteorological Data Sharing Service System for their provision of HYSPLIT model and meteorological data, respectively used in this publication.

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  • Ozone episode
  • Meteorological condition
  • Trajectory analysis
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