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Alkaline Comet Assay for Genotoxic Effect Detection in Neotropical Fish Prochilodus lineatus (Pisces, Curimatidae)


Toxicants on fish may induce genetic alterations that can be used as genotoxic markers. We evaluated DNA damage using alkaline comet assay applied on erythrocytes after in vivo exposure of Prochilodus lineatus to different concentrations of Cypermethrin (0.300, 0.150, 0.075 and 0.000 μg/L) as a probable chemical mutagen. The results revealed a significantly higher level of DNA damage at all concentrations of Cypermethrin tested compared to control and background level (p < 0.05). We have standardized the technique for one of the most common native fish species that will be useful for biomonitoring genotoxicity in polluted waters of the region.

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The work was supported by research grant PI CAI + D N° 21/123 2006 from Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina.

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  • Comet assay
  • Prochilodus lineatus
  • Genotoxic effects
  • Cypermethrin