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Mercury and Arsenic in Muscle and Liver of the Golden Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera steindachneri, Evermann and Jenkins, 1891, from the Upper Gulf of California, México


Mercury and arsenic levels in muscle and liver of Rhinoptera steindachneri were determined in organisms collected in 2006. Element concentrations in both tissues were directly related to size. Maxima mean concentrations of Hg and As (0.41 and 59.9 μg g−1 dry wt, respectively) were found in adults muscle. Mercury concentrations were significantly different between juveniles and adults in muscle and liver. For As concentrations, differences between juveniles and adults were found only in muscle. Mercury concentrations were higher in muscle of juveniles and adults. Arsenic concentrations were higher in liver of juveniles, and in muscle of adults. Maximum Hg concentration in muscle (0.65 μg g−1 dry wt) was below the safe limit established by Mexican regulations for seafood.

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This research was supported by the research grant CONACYT-SEMARNAT-2002-C01-1129. Thanks to P. Sánchez for critically reading the manuscript. Thanks to Blue Pencil Science for editing this manuscript.

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