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Fate of Benfuracarb Insecticide in Mollisols and Brinjal Crop


The fate of benfuracarb was studied under field conditions in brinjal fruits and soil following foliar spray application at 0.25 and 0.50 μg g−1 by HPLC. At 0.25 μg g−1, benfuracarb persisted up to 7 days both in soil and brinjal but at 0.50 μg g−1, benfuracarb residues persisted up to 10 and 12 days in soil and brinjal fruits, respectively. The persistence of benfuracarb residues, both in soil and brinjal, followed first-order kinetics. The half-life values of benfuracarb in soil and brinjal fruit were found to be 3.54 and 3.90 days at 0.25 μg g−1 and 3.75 and 4.73 days at 0.50 μg g−1, respectively.

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The authors wish to thank M/s Coromandel Fertilizers, Secunderabad, India for financial support and supplying of formulated and analytical grade insecticide to carry out the above studies.

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  • Benfuracarb
  • Persistence
  • Dissipation
  • Brinjal fruit
  • Soil