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Pesticides in Water, Fish and Shellfish from Littoral Area of Lake Biwa


A survey of 29 pesticides were performed for water, fish and shellfish from two littoral areas of Lake Biwa and Yanamune River in 2007. Three insecticides, 5 fungicides and 13 herbicides were detected in the water from the sampling locations, but the insecticides and fungicides were not and the only 9 herbicides were detected in the fish and shellfish from the locations. Bioconcentration factors (BCF) of the 9 herbicides in the fish and shellfish were calculated by the field data obtained from the survey. The average field BCF values of the herbicides in the fish were 8 and 25 for molinate, 5–23 for bromobutide, 4 and 10 for simetryn, 100–214 for esprocarb, 15–41 for pretilachlor, 148 for anilofos, 14 and 79 for mefenacet and 78 for cafenstrole. Those in the shellfish were 6 and 13 for bromobutide, 4 and 8 for simetryn, 67 and 135 for esprocarb, 2 for pretilachlor, 117 for pyributicarb and 57 and 139 for mefenacet. The field BCF data in the fish were evaluated by laboratory BCF data from literatures for molinate, bromobutide, pretilachlor, simetryn and mefenacet.

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