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Persistence of New Insecticides and Their Efficacy Against Insect Pests of Okra


Persistence and efficacy of bifenthrin (25 and 50 g ai ha−1), fipronil (50 and 100 g ai ha−1) and indoxacarb (70 and 140 g ai ha−1) has been studied in okra fruits. The initial deposits varied from 0.259–0.382 μg g−1 at low and 0.461–0.688 μg g−1 at high rate of application. The residues persisted upto 10 days with half-life of 1.32–1.58 days for bifenthrin, 0.65–1.12 days for fipronil and 0.58–1.02 days for indoxacarb. Based on ADI, the suggested waiting period was 1 day for bifenthrin and indoxacarb and 3 days for fipronil. All the insecticides were found effective against leafhopper and shoot and fruit borer.

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  • Bifenthrin
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