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Assessment of Biochemical Markers of Carbofuran Toxicity and Recovery Response in Tissues of the Freshwater Teleost, Clarias Batrachus (Linn)


The effects of a sublethal concentration (7.66 mg/L) of carbofuran, were assessed on Clarias batrachus. The fish were exposed to 7.66 mg of carbofuran/L for 6 days. After 6 days, fish were released into carbofuran-free water in order to study the recovery pattern. Proteins were decreased in gill and kidney and recovery was greater in gill than in kidney. Total amino acids were increased in both tissues. Ammonia level declined in gill and enhanced in kidney throughout the study period. The activities of all enzymes measured were induced in both tissues, except for aspartate aminotransaminase, which was inhibited in gill tissues.

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The author is grateful to the supervisor, Prof. Shantha Vijayaraghavan (Rtd) for constant guidance and help. The author thanks Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India, New Delhi, for the award of fellowship during the tenure of Research Associateship.

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  • Clarias batrachus
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