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Monitoring of Trace Metal Contamination in the Souss Estuary (South Morocco) Using the Clams Cerastoderma edule and Scrobicularia plana


Concentrations of seven metals (Cd, Cu, Cr, Pb, Ni, Zn, Hg) were monitored monthly during 2 years in two bivalves, Cerastoderma edule and Scrobicularia plana collected from the Souss estuary (South Morocco) before and after the commissioning of a sewage treatment plant in November 2002. According to trace metals, changes in concentrations were observed mainly in S. plana, characterised by a decrease of Cu, Hg and Pb when Cd was clearly increasing. Conversely, no clear changes were observed in C. edule during the same periods. This study suggests the use of S. plana in the monitoring of trace metal contamination of such coastal marine environments.

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