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Levels of Heavy Metals Pollution in Different Types of Soil of Central Greece


This investigation was performed in order to clarify the degree of heavy metals pollution in forest, agricultural and industrial surface soil samples in relation to pre-anthropogenic soils of Almyros region, in Central Greece. In 2004 and 2005 soil samples were collected and analysed for available (DTPA method) and total (Aqua Regia method) Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Zn and Ni concentrations. For each metal the enrichment factor with respect to the levels in pre-anthropogenic soils was calculated. All the types of soils appeared to be less polluted than in other investigations. In agricultural and industrial soils the available Cd concentration was higher than the other metals studied. The enrichment factor of Cu in relation to total concentration has the maximum value of the metals studied.

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  • Heavy metals
  • Enrichment factor
  • Forest-agricultural-industrial soils