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Persistence of Napropamide in/on Tea under North-East Indian Climatic Condition


Napropamide is an amide group of herbicide, used as pre-emergence herbicide controlling in broad leaved weeds of tea, ground nut, citrus, etc. Napropamide 45 SC (Devrinol) was applied on tea bushes twice @ 1.125 and 2.250 g a.i./ha along with untreated control. After following the standard extraction process, the residue of napropamide in made tea and soil cropped with tea was analyzed by HPLC. Napropamide was rapidly dissipated in soil following the first-order kinetics with half-lives in the range of 12.54–27.87 days. The residue in made tea found to be below detectable limit on 7th day samples.

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We are very grateful to M/S United Phosphorus Limited, Mumbai for financial assistance of this research programme and Manager, Kamalpur Tea Estate, Darjeeling, West Bengal for conducting the field experiment. The infrastructural facilities provided by the BCKV are also thankfully acknowledged.

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