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Acute and Chronic Effects of the Insecticide-Endosulfan on Freshwater Cladoceran, Moina macrocopa Straus


Acute and chronic effects of insecticide-endosulfan on the survival and reproduction performance of Moina macrocopa were determined in a laboratory study. Endosulfan concentrations that cause 50% mortality (LC50) after exposure for 24 and 48 h were 3.34 and 0.16 mg L−1, respectively. Average longevity, initial age of reproduction and intrinsic rate of natural increase were reduced at 0.002 mg L−1. Fecundity was greatly reduced by about 70% at 0.0004 mg L−1 and approximately 97% at 0.002 mg L−1 as compared to control organisms throughout the whole life span of 15 days. If environmental concentration of endosulfan do not exceed 0.0004 mg L−1, application of this insecticide is unlikely to induce detrimental effects on these cladoceran populations in agro-ecosystem.

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This research was funded by UMT fundamental research grant 54152. We would like to express our appreciation to Prof Dr Wong Chong Kim from The Chinese University of Hong Kong for his technical assistance.

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  • Endosulfan
  • Moina macrocopa
  • reproduction
  • survivorship