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Determination of Inorganic Bromide Content in Several Vegetable Foods


The phenol red spectrophotometric method has been studied and applied as an inexpensive screening method for the determination of bromide in vegetables samples. The concentration of bromide ranged from 3.65 to 14.42 mg kg−1 in capsicum, 4.50 to 9.30 mg kg−1 in potatoes, and 3.63 to 19.02 mg kg−1 in fungi. The content of inorganic bromide in the studied vegetables was found to be below the maximum concentration of residues established by Spanish legislation (20 mg kg−1).

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This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (grant AGL 2003-09559).

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  • Inorganic bromide
  • red phenol method
  • potatoes
  • pepper
  • fungi