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Environmental Implications of Heavy Metals in Surface Sediments near Isla de Sacrificios, Mexico

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Thanks are due to the authorities of the ICML, UNAM; to DGAPA, UNAM, which supported this research through project PAPIIT IN104705-2; to Secretaria de Marina Armada de Mexico for their invaluable support in sample collection; to Acuario de Veracruz for the use of their facilities; to S. Santiago Perez and E. Morales de La Garza for their technical support in collection and analysis of the samples.

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Rosales-Hoz, L., Carranza-Edwards, A. & Celis-Hernandez, O. Environmental Implications of Heavy Metals in Surface Sediments near Isla de Sacrificios, Mexico. Bull Environ Contam Toxicol 78, 353–357 (2007).

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  • Metal Concentration
  • Sampling Point
  • Terrigenous Sediment
  • Biological Adverse Effect
  • River Source