Table 5 Reasons for not seeking help among respondents with mental illnesses in SMHS 2016

From: Minding the treatment gap: results of the Singapore Mental Health Study

Reasons for not seeking helpa N Weighted (%)
My health insurance would not cover this type of treatment 13 18.8
The problem went away by itself, and I did not really need help 26 70.3
I thought the problem would get better by itself 14 47.7
I was concerned about how much money it would cost 16 74.6
I was unsure about where to go or who to see 14 64.5
I did not think treatment would work 5 15.1
I was concerned about what others might think if they found out I was in treatment 8 43.1
I thought it would take too much time or be inconvenient 7 22.4
I wanted to handle the problem on my own 13 64.9
I could not get an appointment 1 3.2
I was scared about being put into a hospital against my will 7 43.8
I was not satisfied with available services 4 15.3
I received treatment before and it did not work 5 18.3
The problem did not bother me very much 3 8.1
I had problems with things like transportation, childcare, or scheduling that would have made it hard to get to treatment 7 20.9
  1. aParticipants were allowed to endorse more than one reason