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Supergene neoformation of Pt-Ir-Fe-Ni alloys: multistage grains explain nugget formation in Ni-laterites

  • Thomas Aiglsperger
  • Joaquín A. Proenza
  • Mercè Font-Bardia
  • Sandra Baurier-Aymat
  • Salvador Galí
  • John F. Lewis
  • Francisco Longo


Ni-laterites from the Dominican Republic host rare but extremely platinum-group element (PGE)-rich chromitites (up to 17.5 ppm) without economic significance. These chromitites occur either included in saprolite (beneath the Mg discontinuity) or as ‘floating chromitites’ within limonite (above the Mg discontinuity). Both chromitite types have similar iridium-group PGE (IPGE)-enriched chondrite normalized patterns; however, chromitites included in limonite show a pronounced positive Pt anomaly. Investigation of heavy mineral concentrates, obtained via hydroseparation techniques, led to the discovery of multistage PGE grains: (i) Os-Ru-Fe-(Ir) grains of porous appearance are overgrown by (ii) Ni-Fe-Ir and Ir-Fe-Ni-(Pt) phases which are overgrown by (iii) Pt-Ir-Fe-Ni mineral phases. Whereas Ir-dominated overgrowths prevail in chromitites from the saprolite, Pt-dominated overgrowths are observed within floating chromitites. The following formation model for multistage PGE grains is discussed: (i) hypogene platinum-group minerals (PGM) (e.g. laurite) are transformed to secondary PGM by desulphurization during serpentinization; (ii) at the stages of serpentinization and/or at the early stages of lateritization, Ir is mobilized and recrystallizes on porous surfaces of secondary PGM (serving as a natural catalyst) and (iii) at the late stages of lateritization, biogenic mediated neoformation (and accumulation) of Pt-Ir-Fe-Ni nanoparticles occurs. The evidence presented in this work demonstrates that in situ growth of Pt-Ir-Fe-Ni alloy nuggets of isometric symmetry is possible within Ni-laterites from the Dominican Republic.


Ni-laterite Platinum-group elements Platinum-group minerals Supergene Neoformation Nugget formation Falcondo mining area Dominican Republic 



This research has been financially supported by FEDER Funds, the Spanish projects CGL2009-10924, CGL2012-36263 and CGL2015-65824 and the Catalan project 2014-SGR-1661 as well as by a PhD grant to TA sponsored by the Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad (Spain). The authors gratefully acknowledge the help and hospitality extended by the staff of Falcondo mine (Falcondo Glencore). Excellent technical support during EPMA sessions by Xavier Llovet and during FE-SEM sessions by Eva Prats at the Serveis Científics i Tecnòlogics (University of Barcelona) is highly appreciated. Louis Cabri and Vladimir Rudashevsky are greatly thanked for their help during installation of the HS-11 laboratory in Barcelona. We acknowledge the critical comments of three anonymous reviewers and the help of the editors Prof. Maier and Prof. Lehmann.


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  • Joaquín A. Proenza
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  • Mercè Font-Bardia
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  • Sandra Baurier-Aymat
    • 1
  • Salvador Galí
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  • John F. Lewis
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  • Francisco Longo
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  3. 3.Faculty of EngineeringUniversidad Católica Tecnológica del Cibao (UCATECI)La VegaDominican Republic

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