Erratum to: Diabetologia

DOI 10.1007/s00125-014-3253-5

Unfortunately the values for Δ HFC in the Abstract and main text and the values on the y-axis of the graph in Fig. 2b were presented as fractions rather than percentages and were therefore 100 times lower than they should have been. The correct values for Δ HFC were −3.0% (95% CI −3.3%, −2.7%) for A6 vs −4.0% (95% CI −4.1%, −3.5%) for B2 (p = 0.009). A corrected version of the graph is shown here.

Fig. 2
figure 1

Changes in anthropometric and laboratory variables. Data are shown as changes from baseline in response to the regimen of six (A6) and two meals (B2) a day. Data are mean ± 95% CI. Significance of the factor treatment (assessed by 2 × 2 crossover ANOVA) is indicated by: **p < 0.01. (b) Δ HFC, n = 48