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Table 1 Dairy intake classification: EPIC-Norfolk study

From: Dietary dairy product intake and incident type 2 diabetes: a prospective study using dietary data from a 7-day food diary

Total dairya Butter, cheese, cream, crème fraîche, dried/powdered milk (made up weight), evaporated milk, milk, sour cream, yoghurt, baby milk
 High-fat dairy (≥3.9% fat) Butter, full fat unripened cheese, all hard, processed and soft cheese, cream, sour cream, crème fraîche, whole milk, whole dried/powdered milk (made up weight), all evaporated milk, baby milk
 Low-fat dairy (<3.9% fat) Low-fat unripened cheese, semi-skimmed milk, skimmed milk, dried semi-skimmed/skimmed milk, all yoghurt
Milk Liquid and powdered/dried milk (made up weight); cow, sheep and goat sources
Cheese Hard, processed, soft (e.g. brie) and unripened (e.g. mozzarella, fromage frais, ricotta)
Yoghurt Full-, low-, reduced-, 0%- fat varieties
Total fermented dairy products All yoghurt, all cheese, sour cream and crème fraîche
 High-fat fermented dairy products (≥3.9% fat) Hard cheese, soft cheese, high-fat unripened cheese, sour cream, crème fraîche
 Low-fat fermented dairy products (<3.9% fat) All yoghurt, low-fat unripened cheeses (e.g. fromage frais, low-fat cottage cheese)
  1. aEstimated as food items that only consist of dairy plus composite dishes where dairy was the main ingredient