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Assessing changes in the genetic diversity of potato gene banks. 1. Effects of seed increase

1. Effects of seed increase


 Effects of gene bank seed-increases on the genetic integrity of potato germ plasm is a major concern of gene bank managers. Thus the Association of Potato Inter-gene-bank Collaborators (APIC), a consortium of world potato gene bank leaders, initiated this joint research project using RAPD markers to determine genetic relationships between increased generations within accessions. Solanum jamesii (2n=2x=24) and S. fendleri (2n=4x=48), two wild potato species native to North America, were used as plant material. These species represented two major breeding systems found among Solanum species: outcrossing diploids and inbreeding disomic tetraploids, respectively. Comparisons were made between populations one generation apart and between sister populations generated from a common source. Fourteen such comparisons within S. jamesii accessions had an average similarity of 96.3%, and 21 such comparisons within S. fendleri accessions had an average similarity of 96.0%. No pairs of populations were significantly different, despite the fact that RAPD markers easily separated all of these very similar accessions within their respective species. Only one of six S. jamesii accessions analyzed showed a significant change in gene frequencies among generations. These findings indicate that there has been minimal loss or change of genetic diversity in ex situ germplasm using the gene bank techniques standard at NRSP-6 and other world potato gene banks.

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Received: 28 October 1996 / Accepted: 7 March 1997

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del Rio, A., Bamberg, J. & Huaman, Z. Assessing changes in the genetic diversity of potato gene banks. 1. Effects of seed increase. Theor Appl Genet 95, 191–198 (1997).

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