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Markers for seedling and adult plant crown rot resistance in four partially resistant bread wheat sources


Key message

QTL identified for seedling and adult plant crown rot resistance in four partially resistant hexaploid wheat sources. PCR-based markers identified for use in marker-assisted selection.


Crown rot, caused by Fusarium pseudograminearum, is an important disease of wheat in many wheat-growing regions globally. Complete resistance to infection by F. pseudograminearum has not been observed in a wheat host, but germplasm with partial resistance to this pathogen has been identified. The partially resistant wheat hexaploid germplasm sources 2-49, Sunco, IRN497 and CPI133817 were investigated in both seedling and adult plant field trials to identify markers associated with the resistance which could be used in marker-assisted selection programs. Thirteen different quantitative trait loci (QTL) conditioning crown rot resistance were identified in the four different sources. Some QTL were only observed in seedling trials whereas others appeared to be adult plant specific. For example while the QTL on chromosomes 1AS, 1BS, and 4BS contributed by 2-49 and on 2BS contributed by Sunco were detected in both seedling and field trials, the QTL on 1DL present in 2-49 and the QTL on 3BL in IRN497 were only detected in seedling trials. Genetic correlations between field trials of the same population were strong, as were correlations between seedling trials of the same population. Low to moderate correlations were observed between seedling and field trials. Flanking markers, most of which are less than 10 cM apart, have now been identified for each of the regions associated with crown rot resistance.

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