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Development of wheat near-isogenic lines for powdery mildew resistance

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Theoretical and Applied Genetics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Using three Chinese wheat cultivars, ‘Bainong 3217’, ‘Beijing 837’ and ‘Laizhou 953’, as recurrent parents, 33 near-isogenic lines (NILs) carrying 22 powdery mildew resistance genes (Pm1c, Pm2, Pm4b, Pm12, Pm13, Pm16, Pm20, Pm21, Pm23, and 13 undocumented genes) were developed. All NILs had no significant difference to their recurrent parents in the investigated traits of agronomic importance. The results of AFLP analysis indicated Jaccard’s genetic similarity of the NILs with their recurrent parents varied from 0.96 to 0.98, and confirmed that the NILs had high genetic similarity with their recurrent parents. The resistance to powdery mildew was stably expressed by the relevant NILs. Eleven of the NILs were tested using molecular markers linked to the resistance genes Pm1c, Pm4b, Pm13, Pm21, PmP, PmE, PmPS5A, PmPS5B, PmY39, PmY150, and PmH, and they were all found to carry the targeted genes. The potential application of these NILs in gene discovery is discussed.

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This research was supported by the State Key Research and Development Plan of China (grant no.1998010200) and the Hi-Tech Research and Development (863) Program of China (grant no.2001AA211031) from Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R. China. We thank Dr. C. Ceoloni from University of Tuscia, Italy, for providing line R1A; Dr. Lihui Li from CAAS, China, for providing Xiaobin; Mr. Reader SM from John Innes Center, UK, for providing line 31 and line Pm16; and Dr. Peidu Chen for providing R43. These isolates were supplied by Drs. Xiayu Duan and Yilin Zhou, Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. We are thankful to Dr. Victoria Carollo, USDA, ARS, WRRC; and Dr. Long Mao for revising this manuscript in English.

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