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The construction of a genetic linkage map of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus subsp. idaeus) based on AFLPs, genomic-SSR and EST-SSR markers

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Theoretical and Applied Genetics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Breeding in raspberry is time-consuming due to the highly heterozygous nature of this perennial fruit crop, coupled with relatively long periods of juvenility. The speed and precision of raspberry breeding can be improved by genetic linkage maps, thus facilitating the development of diagnostic markers for polygenic traits and the identification of genes controlling complex phenotypes. A genetic linkage map (789 cM) of the red raspberry Rubus idaeus has been constructed from a cross between two phenotypically different cultivars; the recent European cultivar Glen Moy and the older North American cultivar Latham. SSR markers were developed from both genomic and cDNA libraries from Glen Moy. These SSRs, together with AFLP markers, were utilised to create a linkage map. In order to test the utility of the genetic linkage map for QTL analysis, morphological data based on easily scoreable phenotypic traits were collected. The segregation of cane spininess, and the root sucker traits of density and spread from the mother plant, was quantified in two different environments. These traits were analysed for significant linkages to mapped markers using MapQTL and were found to be located on linkage group 2 for spines and group 8 for density and diameter. The availability of co-dominant markers allowed heterozygosities to be calculated for both cultivars.

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This work was financially supported by the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department. With thanks to W.B.T. Thomas, J.E. Bradshaw, D. Marshall, J. Russell, and N. Jennings for helpful discussions on the manuscript and linkage mapping.

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Graham, J., Smith, K., MacKenzie, K. et al. The construction of a genetic linkage map of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus subsp. idaeus) based on AFLPs, genomic-SSR and EST-SSR markers. Theor Appl Genet 109, 740–749 (2004).

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