Functional outcomes of internal fixation of scapula fractures due to high-velocity gunshot injuries



Open fractures of the scapula are relatively rare and only a few studies are interested in this subject. This study aims to demonstrate the results of internal fixation of open scapula fractures due to gunshot injuries.

Materials and methods

Eight patients who had open scapula fractures and were treated by internal fixation through the conventional Judet approach included in this study. Patients were followed up monthly in the first 6 months and every 2 months in the rest of the follow-up. Shoulder range of motion, Constant Shoulder Score, and Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand score were used for functional evaluation.


The average follow-up period was 34.6 ± 11.9 months. The average time between injuries and the surgery was 10.5 ± 5.1 days. The average shoulder abduction of the patients was 135.6 ± 18.8°, the average forward flexion of the shoulder was 160 ± 19.2°. The average internal and external rotations of the shoulders were 80 ± 14.1° and 63.1 ± 17.3°, respectively. CSS was calculated as 79.8 ± 14.4, and DASH was calculated as 14.1 ± 14.9.


In the treatment of open scapula fractures due to gunshot injuries, an internal fixation is a reliable option and the results were comparable with previous studies.

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