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Epidemiologic study in hospitalized patients with head injuries

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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery Aims and scope Submit manuscript



The aim of this study was to analyze epidemiologic data of patients with head injuries (HI) who were admitted to the Trauma and Emergency Surgery Department.


The hospital records of 497 patients with HI who were admitted to the Trauma and Emergency Surgery Department from January 1, 2014, through 31 December, 2014, were analyzed retrospectively.


The male-to-female ratio was 2:1, and the mean age was 16.3 years. The rates of patients with mild, moderate, and severe HI were 93, 3, and 4 %, respectively. The most common cause of trauma was falls. Linear fractures were the most common radiologic diagnoses with 242 cases (49 %). Of the patients admitted to hospital, 22 % presented 4 h after the trauma had occurred. Mortality rate due to HI was 3 % (15 patients). Outcome was associated with admission Glasgow Coma Scale and presence of additional trauma.


The number of traffic accidents and assaults were considerably higher in the young adult population compared with the other age groups. Traffic accidents accounted for 46.6 % of the mortality rate. Mortality in HI patients mostly arises from preventable conditions, and the young adult population seems to be the most affected group. HI should be considered as a public health issue, and prevention of HI should be the primary goal.

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