Community maturity to implement Health in All Policies



To provide a fundament for practical guidance on implementation of HiAP to Danish Municipalities HiAP.


This study is based on a descriptive case study design where a mixed method is used. A questionnaire survey with 64 respondents was conducted in the five political sectors of Esbjerg municipality and it was followed up by four semi-structured interviews with key respondents based on a Dutch prototype model from 2014; The Capability Maturity Model for HiAP.


The Maturity Model was applied in Esbjerg Municipality and proved practical for the assessment of the growth process of HiAP. Esbjerg municipality is assessed to be at maturity level 2 in the implementation process of HiAP, where the approach is recognized and considered to tackle health inequalities.


The Maturity Model for HiAP has proved suitable for assessing the implementation process of HiAP on a municipality level and establishes a fundament for practical guidance in the area.

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