On the Poisson equation of p-Laplacian and the nonlinear Hardy-type problems


In this note, we show that in some cases, via the use of Hardy-type inequality, there is a non-trivial nonnegative \(W^{1,p}(R^n)\) weak solution to quasi-linear elliptic problem with the p-Laplacian on \(R^n\) and with Hardy-type singularity term. We also study the behavior of solutions to the Poisson equation of p-Laplacian on the whole space and this Poisson equation has a close relationship with the Gelfand-type equation.

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  • p-Laplacian
  • Ground state
  • Existence of positive solutions
  • Rearrangement
  • Variational method
  • Nehari manifold

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 35A05
  • 35A15
  • 35B50
  • 35J60
  • 46Txx
  • 53C70
  • 58E50