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Fluid flow through a helical pipe


In this paper we study the flow of incompressible Newtonian fluid through a helical pipe with prescribed pressures at its ends. Pipe’s thickness and the helix step are considered as the small parameter ɛ. By rigorous asymptotic analysis, as ɛ→ 0 , the effective behaviour of the flow is found. The error estimate for the approximation is proved.

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Marušić-Paloka, E., Pažanin, I. Fluid flow through a helical pipe. Z. angew. Math. Phys. 58, 81–99 (2007).

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Mathematics Subject Classification (2000).

  • 35B40
  • 35Q30
  • 76D05


  • Navier–Stokes equations
  • helical pipe
  • asymptotic analysis
  • curvilinear coordinates