Uniqueness of the 1D compressible to incompressible limit

  • Rinaldo M. Colombo
  • Graziano Guerra
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  1. Hyperbolic PDEs, Fluids, Transport and Applications: Dedicated to Alberto Bressan for his 60th birthday


Consider two compressible immiscible fluids in 1D in the isentropic approximation. The first fluid is surrounded and in contact with the second one. As the Mach number of the first fluid vanishes, the coupled dynamics of the two fluids results as the compressible to incompressible limit and is known to satisfy an ODE–PDE system. Below, a characterization of this limit is provided, ensuring its uniqueness.


Compressible to incompressible limit Hyperbolic conservation laws Uniqueness of the zero Mach number limit 

Mathematics Subject Classification

35L65 35Q35 76N99 


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  1. 1.INDAM UnitUniversity of BresciaBresciaItaly
  2. 2.Department of Mathematics and Its ApplicationsUniversity of Milano-BicoccaMilanItaly

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