The time fractional Schrödinger equation with a nonlinearity of Hartree type


The aim of this work is to show existence, uniqueness and regularity properties of local in time mild solutions for the nonlinear space-time fractional Schrödinger equation (1.1), with a fractional time derivative of order \(\alpha \in (0,1),\) and with a nonlinear term of Hartree type.

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H.P. has been partially supported by FONDECYT grant #1170571.

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  • Time fractional Schrödinger equation
  • Caputo fractional derivative
  • Fractional Laplace operator
  • Fractional-order Sobolev space
  • Hartree-type nonlinearity

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  • Primary: 34K37
  • 35R11
  • 46E35
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  • 35S05