Nodal solutions of weighted indefinite problems


This paper analyzes the structure of the set of nodal solutions, i.e., solutions changing sign, of a class of one-dimensional superlinear indefinite boundary value problems with indefinite weight functions in front of the spectral parameter. Quite surprisingly, the associated high-order eigenvalues may not be concave as is the case for the lowest one. As a consequence, in many circumstances, the nodal solutions can bifurcate from three or even four bifurcation points from the trivial solution. This paper combines analytical and numerical tools. The analysis carried out is a paradigm of how mathematical analysis aids the numerical study of a problem, whereas simultaneously the numerical study confirms and illuminates the analysis.

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  • Superlinear indefinite problems
  • Weighted problems
  • Positive solutions
  • Nodal solutions
  • Eigencurves
  • Concavity
  • Bifurcation
  • Global components
  • Path-following
  • Pseudo-spectral methods
  • Finite-difference scheme

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