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Chain Decompositions of qt-Catalan Numbers: Tail Extensions and Flagpole Partitions


This article is part of an ongoing investigation of the combinatorics of qt-Catalan numbers \({{\,\mathrm{Cat}\,}}_n(q,t)\). We develop a structure theory for integer partitions based on the partition statistics dinv, deficit, and minimum triangle height. Our goal is to decompose the infinite set of partitions of deficit k into a disjoint union of chains \({\mathcal {C}}_{\mu }\) indexed by partitions of size k. Among other structural properties, these chains can be paired to give refinements of the famous symmetry property \({{\,\mathrm{Cat}\,}}_n(q,t)={{\,\mathrm{Cat}\,}}_n(t,q)\). Previously, we introduced a map that builds the tail part of each chain \({\mathcal {C}}_{\mu }\). Our first main contribution here is to extend this map to construct larger second-order tails for each chain. Second, we introduce new classes of partitions called flagpole partitions and generalized flagpole partitions. Third, we describe a recursive construction for building the chain \({\mathcal {C}}_{\mu }\) for a (generalized) flagpole partition \(\mu \), assuming that the chains indexed by certain specific smaller partitions (depending on \(\mu \)) are already known. We also give some enumerative and asymptotic results for flagpole partitions and their generalized versions.

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Correspondence to Li Li.

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Communicated by Jang Soo Kim.

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Kyungyong Lee was supported by NSF Grant DMS 2042786, the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS), and the University of Alabama.

This work was supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation/SFARI (Grant #633564 to N.A.L.).

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Han, S., Lee, K., Li, L. et al. Chain Decompositions of qt-Catalan Numbers: Tail Extensions and Flagpole Partitions. Ann. Comb. (2022).

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