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Another Ham Sandwich in the Plane


We show that every two nice measures in the plane can be partitioned into equal halves by translation of an angle from any k-fan when k is odd and in some cases when k is even. We also give some counterexamples for certain fans and measures.

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Correspondence to Alexey Garber.

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The work of A. Garber is supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research grants 11-01-00633-a and 11-01-00735-a, and the Russian government project 11.G34.31.0053.

The work of R. Karasev is supported by the Dynasty foundation, the President’s of Russian Federation grant MD-352.2012.1, and the Russian government project 11.G34.31.0053.

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Balitskiy, A., Garber, A. & Karasev, R. Another Ham Sandwich in the Plane. Ann. Comb. 19, 235–242 (2015).

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  • 52C35
  • 60D05


  • ham sandwich theorem